Guillermo Copello

Born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1982. He got a professor and BA degree in Composition from National University of Rosario, Argentina. He expanded his violin studies under Oscar Gallucci and Oleg Pishenin.

He has composed and written arrangements for numerous projects ranging from tango and folklore lineups, experimental music, theater, chamber music, youth orchestras and improvisation projects.

He has played with several groups deeply rooted in tango and popular music, among them La Biaba (award-winner for instrumental ensemble in 2013 at Festival de Cosquín, one of the most important music festivals in Argentina), Quintegaseto, and Orquesta Típica Julián Peralta.

He has participated in the recording of several albums: La Biaba Tanguera (2012) and Impulso (2016) with La Biaba, as well as a live DVD with the collaboration of Orquesta de Cámara Municipal de Rosario; Otro Tango (2014) with Quintegaseto; Un disparo en la noche II (2016) with Orquesta Típica Julián Peralta, and Bésame en la Boca, a theatrical-musical show directed by Rodolfo Pacheco and released in 2016. Besides, he has recorded as guest musician in numerous popular music projects featuring a variety of genres including jazz, folklore, tango, and rock. With his various projects, he has toured stages and festivals in Argentina and abroad.

In July 2017 he performed as guest conductor of Orquesta de Cámara Municipal de Rosario (Chamber Orchestra of the City of Rosario) with Andrea Marsili trio.

In the field of education, he has worked as a string section tutor in tango ensembles including Orquesta Escuela de Tango de la Municipalidad de Rosario and Orquesta Municipal de Tango de Cañada de Gómez. At present, he conducts workshops on interpretation, composition and arrangements aimed at instrumentalists, chamber ensembles, string orchestras, and youth orchestras in Argentina and Spain.

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